After a fall at work our client was awarded over £13,000 in compensation

slipping accidentOur client was at her place of work in a school. She had arrived early and had just been to the toilet.As she exited the cubicle her foot slipped from underneath her and she fell to the floor and suffered injury.

The reason she slipped and fell was due to the floor being wet after being cleaned. There was no verbal warning given by the cleaner or signs to say that the floor was wet.

The Injuries:

Bruising to right foot and knee and she was left with severe right sided sciatica. Our client also had a problem with her gums and suffered from anxiety.

How Hayward Baker Helped:

One of our Personal Injury Specialists Susan Burden made the claim for an accident at work through the Low Value Personal Injury Claims online portal.

The defendant’s insurer investigated  our client’s the claim and confirmed to Hayward Baker that liability was admitted on behalf of their insured.

Susan then arranged for our client to be examined by an Orthopaedic Consultant  who confirmed that the injuries our client received were caused by the accident. This medical expert also referred our client to a Maxillo-Facial-Surgeon in relation to the issue with her gums and a Psychologist for her anxiety issues.

These medical expert reports were used to prove our client’s injuries and to help Susan value the claim for personal injury compensation and associated  losses.

Compensation Calculator Link

The Valuation:

Once Susan had finalised the  medical evidence and had full details of of our client’s associated losses due to the accident, she negotiated settlement with the defendant insurers.

 The Resolution:

Our client’s claim was settled in full for £13,065.00.

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