Gloucester man who broke tooth when eating food in a pizza restaurant is awarded over £3,000 in injury compensation

Our client was a visitor to a pizza restaurant in Gloucester and while he was eating his pizza his tooth broke on a piece of glass that was embedded in his food.

Our Client’s Injuries:

Top left molar broken in half.

How Hayward Baker helped:

Alison Spriggs who is one of our senior personal injury specialists took on the case and made the claim through the low value personal injury claims portal.

The Defendant Insurers did not respond within the time frame given for their investigation and it was only several months later having issued proceedings to obtain any documents the defendant may have relating to the claim (e.g. accident book record) that would help prove our client’s claim.

Shortly after receiving service of the proceedings the insurers admitted liability subject to medical evidence and settled the disclosure proceedings by consent order.

Once Alison had received copies of our client’s dental records she arranged an appointment with a Dental expert who having examined our client would formulate a report upon his injury.

Once Alison had received the medical report and read it thoroughly she noted that the dentist had confirmed that the tooth injury was a result of the accident. The dentist stated that a repair was attempted of the tooth but eventually it had to be extracted.

The dentist recommended 4 options for treatment:

  1. Undertake no treatment and leave the space where the tooth was
  2. Replace the tooth with fixed bridge work
  3. Replace the tooth with a removable denture
  4. Replace the tooth with an implant

The option which was recommended by the dental expert was number 1.

Our client confirmed in writing that he would prefer option 1 and signed the authority to say that he was happy with the report and to disclose the same to the insurers.

Before disclosing the report Alison drafted a schedule of out of pocket expenses that were highlighted within the experts medical report.

The out of pocket expenses consisted of:

  • Travel expenses to and from dental appointments and hospital
  • Loss of earnings
  • Cost of dental treatment

Once the schedule had been approved and signed by our client the claim was disclosed in full to the defendant insurers asking that they now make an offer in settlement of the claim.


Alison negotiated a settlement of £3,065.00 for our client.

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Gloucester man who broke tooth when eating food in a pizza restaurant is awarded over £3,000 in injury compensation
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