Hayward Baker obtains £100,000.00 in damages for a construction manager injured in an accident at work

Our Client was working as a construction manager on a building site.
One of the site teams were removing the cabins on site and one the workers had leant  an extendable ladder against one  of the cabins .

Our Client was standing near the ladder when suddenly and without warning the ladder fell on him flooring him. The ladder was not attached to anything and was not footed as it should be.

As a result of the ladder falling our client suffered severe injuries.

Our client’s injuries

The Claimant sustained a blow to his head , neck and shoulder leading to post concussion syndrome and ” micro sleeps ” . He also sustained a laceration to his hand.

How Hayward Baker Helped

One of our senior lawyers Verity Taylor took on this accident at work construction claim due to the complexity of the injuries and the value of the claim.

The defendant insurers denied liability for the accident and so we had to provide evidence to prove the defendant negligent and also prove that our client’s injuries were as a result of the accident. It was Verity Taylor’s hard work and diligence that won the day and she finally settled our client claim for damages.

In addition to our clients compensation for his injuries she also recovered the following out of pocket expenses:

  • Travelling expenses to and from medical appointments
  • Loss of earnings
  • Loss of future earnings
  • Loss of pension
  • Loss of bonuses


Verity negotiated a settlement figure of £100,000.00 for our client inclusive of  his out of pocket expenses.

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Hayward Baker obtains £100,000.00 in damages for a construction manager injured in an accident at work
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