Hayward Baker’s client is injured when a bicycle fell off the back of a car and into their vehicles path

bike car collision

Our client was driving along the M40 when a bicycle fell from the bike rack of the vehicle in front.

Our client had no way of avoiding the bicycle and collided with it. As a result of the collision our client received personal injuries.Our Client’s


Soft tissue injury to shoulder, elbow and wrist were caused by the incident.

How Hayward Baker Helped:

One of our Personal Injury Specialists Gary Lee made the claim through the low value Road Traffic Accident Claims Portal.

Hayward Baker didn’t need to prove the accident occurred as shortly after investigating the claim the defendant insurers admitted liability.

A medical report was required to show that the injuries were caused by the accident. Gary then arranged a medical appointment for our client with an Orthopaedic Consultant.

After examination the consultant formulated a report upon the injuries, and this report aided Gary in valuing the claim correctly.

The medical expert recommended further investigation for our client’s shoulder injury and a course of physiotherapy for the elbow and wrist injury. These were arranged by Gary and costs were covered by the defendant insurers.

Ultimately our client’s claim was settled in full for £9,644.

The Valuation:

Once Gary had sufficient medical evidence and full details of all of our client’s losses from the accident, he negotiated a fair settlement.

This included compensation for our client’s injuries and out of pocket expenses including travel expenses, medical expenses and a course of physiotherapy.

The Resolution:

Ultimately our client’s claim was settled in full for £9,644.

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