Our Ilford client is awarded a four figure compensation sum after being knocked over by a car on a pedestrian crossing

Pedestrian Claims Compensation after being hit on crossing

The Situation:

black-and-white-street-walking-zebra-crossingHayward Baker’s client was on a pedestrian crossing in Ilford when the defendant failed to stop his car. Our client was knocked over and as a result of this, they suffered a personal injury.

The Injuries:

Our client received head trauma, a severe contusion to left hip, a severe sprain to right knee, and a sprain on their right wrist.

How Hayward Baker Helped:

One of our specialist Personal Injury Solicitors Alison Spriggs took on this case. As it was of low value, the claim was made through the Road Traffic Accident insurers online portal.

At first the defendant insurers refused to accept liability; this was on the basis that they were not the insurer of the defendant vehicle on the date of the accident. However, Alison pursued this and eventually the defendant insurers admitted full liability due to it being discovered that they were the vehicle’s insurer.

Alison then arranged for our client to be medically examined by a General Practitioner who, after the appointment, formulated a report upon all of the injuries received.

The Valuation:

It was this medical report that Alison used to prove our client’s injuries and ultimately correctly value this claim for the right amount of compensation.

The Resolution:

Alison was unfortunately required by the defendant insurers to issue proceedings and take the matter to court, as they refused to make an offer in settlement of the claim once all the medical evidence was shown.

 Eventually the defendant insurers finally accepted an offer made by Alison on our client’s behalf, and the case was settled for £2,708.20.


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