Mechanic receives £80,000 in personal injury compensation

Overview of our client:

car mechanic acident at workHayward Baker’s client was working as a car mechanic in Stevenage.
During his employment he used a mechanical press in the workshop. When using this, he pulled on the handle of the press as this was a normal part of the operating procedure, but the handle broke.
As a result of this, he suffered from an injury. Our client completed the accident report book at his place of work and was then taken to the local hospital.

The Injuries:

Our client received a severe injury to his wrist.

How Hayward Baker Helped:

Hayward Baker’s Personal Injury Specialist Michelle Higgins deals with high value claims, and took on this case on a No Win No Fee basis.

Michelle wrote to our client’s employer asking them to accept blame for the accident. The employer’s insurers acknowledged the claim immediately and, shortly after investigating the claim, admitted full liability.

Michelle then obtained all of our client’s medical records and arranged for him to be seen by a number of medical experts. This included an Orthopaedic Surgeon and a Plastic Surgeon.

These medical experts examined our client and formulated reports on his injuries.

The Valuation:

The medical reports let Michelle correctly value our client’s compensation and out of pocket expenses, and also determined what treatment he would need.

Due to the severity of our client’s injury he required surgery, which meant that it was some time before Hayward Baker could confirm the claim valuation. This was because Michelle didn’t know when he would fully recover, or if any permanent damage had been caused.

In situations like this, it’s normal to wait and see if a client’s injuries heal within the time period given by the medical experts before settling the claim; if a settlement figure is accepted, there’s no option to try and receive more funds in the future if the injury causes further problems.

The Resolution

The valuation eventually included the following: A large claim for out of pocket expenses (Special Damages) including loss of earnings, a further loss of earnings when our client underwent a wrist operation, private health care costs, travelling expenses to and from medical appointments, and a sum for a future loss of earnings.

Our client’s claim was ultimately settled in full for £80,000.

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Mechanic receives £80,000 in personal injury compensation
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