Hayward Baker's Injured driver client receives 3 figure compensation pay-out when his stationary vehicle was driven into

Driver suffers a whiplash Injury when his car was driven into at a major junction

The Situation:

rear end shunt on roundabout causes personal injuryOur client was sat in his stationary vehicle at a major junction in Wolverhampton. The defendant then reversed his car into our client’s vehicle on the driver’s side.

As a result of this collision, our client suffered a personal injury. 

The Injuries:

Due to this car collision, our client received whiplash injuries to both his neck and shoulder. 

How Hayward Baker Helped:

For this whiplash client, our personal injury solicitor Susan Burden decided to take on the case. This was agreed to be a no win no fee basis claim to benefit the client as much as possible.

As this was a road traffic accident case of low value, the claim was made through the online insurers accident portal. The defendant then proceeded to admit liability for the accident within just two weeks.

Susan continued on to arrange for our client to be examined by a medical expert. After the relevant examinations had taken place, the expert prepared a report that focussed upon our client’s injuries.

This report was then used by Susan to prove our client’s injuries.

The Valuation:

The medical report allowed Susan to decide on an accurate value for this claim in order for our client to receive personal injury compensation. Susan claimed back: medical expenses, motor car hire costs, and money for care and assistance.

The Resolution:

Susan proceeded to negotiate a fair settlement figure for our client. This covered his general damages (injuries) and special damages (out of pocket expenses).

As a result, the claim was settled thanks to Susan’s dedication and legal knowledge, and our client received £2,710.00 in compensation.

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