Labourer receives over £18,000.00 in compensation for injury received in the work place

Our client was employed by a building firm as a labourer and was instructed to work at a premises with his team leader.

The team leader had been out in the works van to get collect some materials and upon his return  he sounded the vehicles horn and commenced to reverse the vehicle with an attached trailer into the driveway. Our client assisted by guiding the vehicle using hand signals to the driver.

Once the team leader had got to the position to stop our client put his hand up as a signal to stop and shouted stop,  however the vehicle continued to reverse. Our client for a second time shouted for the driver to stop and put his hand on the rear of the trailer. Again the vehicle failed to stop and as a result trapped our client’s arm between the trailer and house causing him injury.

Our Client’s Injuries

Crush injury to his left forearm. Fractured radius and wound to palm of the hand.

How Hayward Baker helped

We took on the claim on a Now Win No Fee basis and having received an admittance of liability from the defendant insurers we arranged for a medical appointment for our client with an Orthopaedic expert who having examined our client formulated a report on his injuries. It was this report that proved our client’s injuries were as a result of the accident and helped us to value the claim for compensation and associated losses.

We drafted a schedule of out of pocket expenses ( special damages) which is an amount claimed separate to the compensation for the injury (damages) which included the following:

  • Travel expenses to and from hospital
  • Loss of earnings
  • Care and assistance around the home

We tried to settle the claim by making a formal offer to the defendant insurers but this was not accepted in the time frame allowed so we had no choice but to issue proceedings and take the matter to Court and let a judge decide what the settlement figure would be.

Fortunately the insurers did agree an amount before the case went to trial and this was accepted by our client bringing an end to the matter.


We settled our client’s claim for just over £18,000.00


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Have you suffered an injury in the workplace?

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Labourer receives over £18,000.00 in compensation for injury received in the work place
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