Lady driver suffers whiplash injury in accident on Tesco roundabout in Ipswich

Our client  suffered a whiplash injury when she was travelling towards the Tesco roundabout in Ipswich. The defendant changed lane as both vehicles pulled onto the roundabout without indication and collided with our client’s vehicle.

As a result of the road traffic collision our client suffered injury.

Our Client’s Injuries: Soft tissue injury to upper back and neck injury.

How Hayward Baker Solicitors helped: We took on this case on a no win fee basis and stated the claim via the online low value claims personal injury insurers portal.

The defendant insurers acknowledged the claim but would only admit liability on a 50/50 split basis. the reason for this was because it was our client’s word against the defendant as to who was responsible for the accident as there are no witnesses. This mean’t that our client would only receive half of the compensation she was awarded. Our client was advised should she not accept the decision on liability and the matter went to Court then the Judge is likely going to award the compensation on a 50/50 split basis anyway.

Our client agreed to carry on with her claim on a split basis and so we arranged a medical appointment with a General Practitioner who would examine our client and afterwards formulate a report upon her injuries. It was this report we used to value our client’s claim and prove her injuries were as a result of the accident.

Once we had received the medical report we forwarded it to our client for approval along with a schedule of her out of pocket expenses claim which included:

  • Temporary vehicle repairs
  • Physiotherapy treatment

Once approved by our client we disclosed the above documents to the defendant insurers asking that they make an offer in settlement of our client’s claim.

Resolution: We settled our client’s claim for £1,883.17

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Lady driver suffers whiplash injury in accident on Tesco roundabout in Ipswich
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