Lady injured boarding Isle of Wight ferry

Miss S appointed Hayward Baker solicitors to act for her in her claim for personal injury suffered whilst boarding the Isle of Wight ferry in Portsmouth.

The circumstances of the accident were that she was heading off  to the Isle of Wight and as she stepped on the boarding ramp the ferry moved away from the pontoon and pulled the ramp away from the jetty. Miss S was still on the boarding ramp at this point  and was thrown off her feet causing her to fall and suffer injury to her neck, back and ankle. The gap between the jetty and ferry was large enough for her to see the sea below which  frightened her causing her anxiety.

Initially the Defendant insurers denied liability for the accident. However Hayward Baker worked hard with Miss S to obtain evidence of the incident and medical evidence in support of her injuries and  the insurers  subsequently reversed their liability decision and admitted liability some 3 months later.

Once Miss S had received physiotherapy for her soft tissue injuries and she was happy to settle the claim Hayward Baker negotiated a settlement figure of £3,000 for her injuries and associated losses.


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