Man injured when she was caught in between the closing doors of a bus claims for damages

bus accidentOur client was stepping onto a bus in Essex when the doors closed without warning trapping our client and causing him a personal injury.

Our Client’s Injuries:

Injury to his Thoraco-Lumbar-Spine, a soft tissue injury to his right foot and grazing of the right hip.

What did Hayward Baker do to help?:

Willow Baker one of our specialist Claims Advisors took on the case and ran the claim through the low value personal injury insurers on-line portal.

Although the insurers did not respond immediately when they did liability was admitted for the accident subject to medical evidence.

Willow arranged for our client to be examined by a medical expert, in this matter a General Practitioner who formulated a report upon our clients injuries.

It was this report that was used as evidence in support of our client’s injuries and to aid Susan when valuing our client’s claim for compensation.

The report also highlighted that our client could also claim for special damages (Out of pocket expenses) for travel expenses to and from his medical appointment and a sum for medical expenses such as painkillers.

Once our client was happy with his medical report and had signed the approval form, Willow sent the report and a copy of our client’s special damages schedule to the Defendant insurers asking that they make and offer in settlement of our client’s claim.


Our client received £4,118.29 in compensation.

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