Our client receives over £12,000 compensation after slipping in spilt diesel on a garage forecourt

Lady who slipped and fell due to a  diesel fuel spillage in garage forecourt sues for damages


The Situation:

When our client visited a petrol station, she fell victim to slipping and falling in a spillage of diesel that the garage had failed to clean up or warn others about. Due to this accident, our client received a personal injury.

The Injuries:

Our client fractured their foot in addition to having tendon damage. Surgery was required to correct the impairment. 

How Hayward Baker Helped: 

One of our expert Personal Injury Specialists took on this case on a no-win-no-fee basis. He sent a letter of claim to the defendant, which put responsibility on the garage with regards to accident.

This letter of claim outlined how the garage was responsible for: the fuel becoming a danger on the premises, failing to clean the fuel up, failing to devise or enforce any cleaning of the premises, and failing to apply sand or warn the claimant and other customers about the presence of fuel on the ground.

After Hayward Baker sent this letter, the defendant admitted liability after the insurers investigated the claim.

Hayward baker then arranged for our client to be examined by an Orthopaedic Consultant who, having examined our client carefully, created a report on our client’s injuries. This report specified what treatment was required to resolve her injuries.

The Valuation:

Hayward Baker’s Personal Injury Specialist used the reports from the medical expert to prove our client’s injuries and value her claim for compensation.

We then formulated a schedule that presented our client’s out of pocket expenses caused by the accident. This included: travel expenses to and from medical appointments, a loss of earnings, a future loss of earnings for when our client has the recommended surgery in the future, medical expenses, care and assistance for when our client did not have full mobility due to her leg being in plaster, future care and assistance post-surgery, and a small amount for telephone calls and postage charges relating to the claim.

The Resolution:

Our client was ultimately awarded the sum of £12,500.00 in compensation for her injuries. This included her out of pocket expenses.

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Our client receives over £12,000 compensation after slipping in spilt diesel on a garage forecourt
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