Lady cyclist suffers injury in a road traffic collision and receives over £5000.00 in damages

Our client was riding her bicycle along a road in the North of England. She had her child in a seat on the back of the bicycle. The Defendant who was driving a car at the time was attempting to turn right into a side road. In doing so the Defendant  failed to give-way to our client, crossing her path resulting in a collision. Following the incident the Defendant said to our client that they had not seen her approaching the junction.

Our Client’s Injuries:

Injury to head, neck, wrists, arms and ribs.

How Hayward Baker helped:

We took on this road traffic accident case on a No Win No Fee basis and ran it through the insurers low value online portal.

Liability was admitted by the Defendant insurers but we still had to prove our client’s injuries. We achieved this by obtaining a medical report from a number of medical experts. These experts were a General Practitioner, a Dermatologist and a Psychologist. Each expert on having examined our client formulated a report upon our client;s injuries.

It was these medical reports that we used to value our client’s claim for damages and they also highlighted a number of out of pocket expenses which are known in the legal profession as Special Damages.

The type of special damages claimed were:

  • Medical Expenses such as painkillers
  • Damaged clothing
  • Damaged personal items
  • telephone and call costs incurred as a result of the accident

Once we had a final prognosis on the client, that she was happy with the medical reports and gave us written permission to settle her case, we then started negotiated a settlement figure for our client.


We settled our client’s claim for a little over £5000.00

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Lady cyclist suffers injury in a road traffic collision and receives over £5000.00 in damages
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