Lorry driver injured in a works accident is awarded a 6 figure sum in compensation for his injuries

Our lorry driver client arrived at work and started checking his lorry over and undertaking the safety checks. The lorry had already been loaded and the load was extremely large. The back of the lorry was packed with no room to manoeuvre around it.

Our client needed to secure the load and in order to do this he had to throw straps over the load. He used the side straps on the part of the load which was highest but then had to use the further straps which go across the load. As the load was so tightly packed he struggled to throw the strap over the height of the load and he had to climb on to the back of the lorry in order to secure the strap. As he was climbing back over the pallets he placed his right foot on the edge of a pallet and was then stepping his left leg back over when his right foot slipped on the cellophane on the pallet and he fell off the lorry.

If the load had not been so high he would have thrown the strap all the way over the load and would then have walked around the lorry and would have been able to secure the strap to each side of the lorry. As a result of the accident our client has sustained injury, loss and damage.

Our Client’s Injuries:

Injuries He has broken his tibia and fibula on his right leg and has a crush injury to his ankle.

How Hayward Baker helped:

Due to the complexity of the case and that it was high value the claim was run by one of ou senior personal injury lawyers on a No Win No Fee basis.

Once our client had signed his paperwork including a signed Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) the claim was stated to the Defendant.

The Defendant insurers would only accept partial liability for the accident which meant that they were saying that our client was partly to blame for the accident. This is known as contributory negligence and the consequence of this, although it was possible to still make a successful claim,  the amount of compensation will likely be lower than if the other party was fully responsible.

Regardless our specialist team fought hard for our client and obtained medical evidence to support our clients injuries and once they had this evidence the claim was valued.

Negotiations were long and hard with the other side but eventually a settlement was agreed that was amicable to both parties.


We negotiated a settlement figure for our client in the sum of £100,000.00 inclusive of General Damages and Special damages (Out of pocket Expenses).


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Lorry driver injured in a works accident is awarded a 6 figure sum in compensation for his injuries
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