Man sat in his stationary vehicle hit by driver-less car suffers injury

Mr W was sat in a parked vehicle in a street in Sheffield when without warning a car with no driver or passengers inside rolled down the hill and into the side of his vehicle. As a result of the collision Mr W suffered personal injury to his neck and lumber spine.

Mr W instructed Hayward Baker Solicitors to act for him in his claim for personal injury compensation. The first thing his solicitor did after Mr W had signed up was to do a MID (Motor Insurers Database) search using the registration of the Defendant vehicle to ascertain who the vehicle insurers were.

Once these details were confirmed Mr W’s solicitor notified the defendant insurers of the personal injury claim via the low value road traffic accident insurers on-line portal. The reason they had stated  the defendant at fault was as follows:

a) the Defendant failed to administer the handbrake properly or at all
b) the Defendant failed to control the vehicle properly or at all
c) the facts speak for themselves that the vehicle was not safe for use. Either the Defendant failed to apply the handbrake or the Defendant’s vehicle was not road worthy by reason of a defective handbrake. 

Within a few weeks the defendant insurers contacted Hayward Baker Solicitors via the portal and admitted fault for the accident.

Mr L’s solicitor wrote to him and informed him  that the Defendant’s insurers have admitted liability for the accident. This means that provided that the medical report confirms Mr L was  injured as a result of the accident, they have agreed to pay compensation.

Mr L’s  solicitor advised him that that they  will be taking steps to arrange for him to be examined by a medical expert. The medical evidence will enable his solicitor  to demonstrate those injuries that were sustained in the accident and it will be this report formulated by the expert that will help his solicitor to value his claim for compensation.

After the medical appointment it was only a matter of weeks when the report arrived confirming that the injuries sustained were consistent with the accident circumstances and so a copy of the report along with a draft schedule of Mr L’s out of pocket expenses were sent to him for his approval.

Mr L approved the report and confirmed his out of pocket expenses as being travel expenses to and from medical appointments, loss of earnings due to time taken off sick and a small amount for letters and phone calls.

The claim was then valued by his solicitor and a letter was sent to Mr L breaking down  the amount likely to be awarded for his pain and suffering and his out of pocket expenses and any other deductions that may have to be taken from his compensation. His solicitor advised that an offer be made to the insurers to settle his claim for a sum of £2000.00. Mr W agreed and offer was put forward on his behalf by his solicitor but was soon rejected and a counter offer was made for just over £1900.00 which was accepted bu Mr L and the case was finally settled


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Man sat in his stationary vehicle hit by driver-less car suffers injury
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