Man sufferers a laceration to his leg in an accident at work and receives £11,000.00 in damages

glass-1497232_640Our client was collecting a piece of glass at his place of work from the storage unit and as he did so an off cut fell out of the box onto our clients left leg. As a result our client suffered injury and loss.

The pieces of  glass should always be stored on its side and not upright as it was this day, plus it should have had a wooden surround which was missing.

What Hayward Baker Solicitors did to help: We took on this case on a no win  no fee basis and stated the claim to the defendant insurers via the online personal injury insurers portal.

Liability was not disputed in this matter so we arranged for our client to be examined by a medical expert, namely a Plastic Surgeon, who  examined our client and then formulated a report upon his injuries.

It was this report that was used to prove our client’s injuries and value his claim for damages. The report also contained a final prognosis for the medical expert where the surgeon recommended surgery for his injury.

In addition to our client’s damages (compensation for his actual injury) we set out a schedule of special damages (out of pocket expenses claim) as follows:

  • Loss of earnings for the ten days are client was off work due to his injury
  • Travelling expenses to and from medical examiniation
  • Surgery costs and post op follow up

Resolution: We negotiated a settlement figure  of £11,000.00  for our client.



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