Man tripped up on broken drain cover in flooded car park sustains personal injury

Mr W was walking across a flooded car park towards his car in Maidstone when he trips on a broken drain cover and as a result suffers a personal injury to his left calf muscle which was diagnosed as a tissue grade 2 tear and he also suffered bruising to his middle back.

The owner of the car park was placed at fault for allowing the car park to become in a bad state of repair to which they admitted liability.

Mr W was given private treatment for physiotherapy paid for by the Defendant’s insurers and required help for daily household tasks as he was unable to walk unaided for 6 weeks. Help was also provided by Mr W’s parents to look after Mr W’s small children while his wife was at work. This small claim for care was also paid for by the Defendant’s insurers along with several travelling expenses to and from physiotherapy and medical appointments.

Mr W was awarded £8,049.00 in compensation for his injuries and associated losses.

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