Motorist in Nottingham opens car door into path of cyclist causing injury

Miss R was cycling correctly along a road in Hyson Green when a motorist, without warning, opened the drivers door into her path causing her to collide with the door. The impact of the collision caused Miss R to be knocked off her bike and suffer injury to her neck, right elbow and left leg.

As a result of the accident Miss R took 2 days off work suffered anxiety when travelling for sometime post accident and has had to follow a course of physiotherapy for her neck injury.

Miss R instructed  Hayward Baker Solicitors to dealwith her  claim for compensation for her injuries and subsequent losses.

Hayward Baker notified the drivers insurers of the claim in July 2015 and received a liability decision within one month. Liability was admitted and therefore Hayward Baker immediately arranged an appointment for a medical examination with a General Practitioner who would then write a report upon Miss R’s injuries.

Once the medical report was received it confirmed that the injuries were a result of the accident and that Miss R would benefit from a course of physiotherapy for her neck injury. Miss R’s Solicitor at Hayward Baker read the report and noted any comments then sent the report to Miss R for her approval. Miss R was happy with what the Consultant had stated in his report and her Solicitor then arranged a course of physiotherapy that would be paid for by the Defendant insurers.

Hayward Baker then disclosed the medical report to the Defendant insurers and asked that as liability was not in dispute that they now make an offer in settlement of Miss R’s claim.

An offer of £3, 000.00 was forwarded by the insurers but after some negotiation by her Solicitor the final agreed settlement figure was £3,500.00 for compensation for Miss R’s injuries and other expenses to include the physiotherapy treatment.

This case was settled within less than 6 months which was really quick considering the time period given for the Defendant insurers to consider the case, medical appointments to be arranged and a course of physiotherapy treatment to be administered.


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Motorist in Nottingham opens car door into path of cyclist causing injury
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