Nurse injured in Road Traffic Collision in Kent

Miss R was driving her car along a public road in Ashford Kent and had just indicated to turn right into a driveway, as she made the turn a driver of the vehicle behind tried to overtake her vehicle on the right hand side. As a result the other car collided into Miss R’s car causing her to suffer a personal injury.

Initially Miss R saw her GP to help resolve her injury and at a later date contacted Hayward Baker Solicitors to help fight her claim for compensation.

Hayward Baker solicitors wrote the the other drivers insurers and blamed their driver for the accident by being negligent due to being too close to Miss R’s vehicle, failed to observe Miss R’s vehicle indication to turn right then attempted to overtake and failed to slow, stop, swerve, steer or manoeuvre properly so as to avoid colliding with Miss R’s vehicle.

As a result of the collision Miss R sustained a severe strain/sprain to her neck and suffered travel anxiety caused post-traumatic stress.

Although the Defendant admitted at the scene they were at fault their insurers stated it was a 50/50 split on liability. However having gained witness evidence and the fact that the the Defendant’s client had not been cooperating with them the insurers finally accepted full liability for their insured.

Miss R attended her GP as a result of the accident who arranged for numerous physiotherapy sessions for Miss R to help accelerate her recovery. Due to the nature of the soft tissue injury she received Miss R had 15 days off work and had help lifting and shopping.

Hayward Baker arranged for a medical examination for our client to check the extent of her injuries and give an indication as to the recovery period. Hayward Baker then used this report from a General Practitioner to value Miss R’s claim and to calculate her losses.

Once the claim was finally settled Miss R received £4600.00 in compensation for her injury and losses

We kept Miss R informed at every step of the process making it easy to leave in our hands. Our team of personal injury claims specialists are very experienced at handling claims involving soft tissue injuries and will treat you in a professional and friendly manner. We understand that you may not know what your options are and that your injuries may be difficult to talk about. We will carefully and patiently work through the evidence available and help you decide if pursuing a claim for a Road traffic collision is in your best interests.

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Nurse injured in Road Traffic Collision in Kent
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