Offshore Rigger receives over £9,000 in damages for crushed fingers due to an accident at work

finger injury claimAccident Circumstances:

Our client was employed by the Defendant as an Offshore Rigger and was assisting in installing a solar package walkway. Two of the metal beams of the walkway did not line up and therefore needed to move. Whilst attempting to move one of these 80kg beams one of our client’s colleagues pushed the beam over which fell onto our client right hand.

Our Client’s injuries:

Our client suffered a crushing fracture injury to two of his middle fingers of his right hand. As a result of the accident our client suffered a loss of earnings for the five weeks he was off sick due to his injuries and undertake a course of physiotherapy.


Hayward Baker negotiated a settlement of just over £9000.00 to include damages and out of pocket expenses.


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