Our client, a Van passenger, receives £23,000 compensation for facial injuries caused by road traffic collision

Man injured in a Road Traffic Accident when his driver loses control of his vehicle


The Situation:

Our client was a passenger in a Ford Transit Van travelling along the A456. The driver/defendant appeared to be travelling too fast and as a result lost control of the vehicle. This caused the van to leave the road and crash into a wall and a tree.

Due to this accident, our client suffered facial injuries. When the ambulance arrived, our client was fully immobilised with a neck collar and spinal board before being taken to the major trauma unit in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

At the scene, the ambulance crew deemed the injuries to be life threatening.

The Injuries:

Our client suffered a laceration to his face and a broken nose that required a plate to be inserted.

How Hayward Baker Helped:

Gary Lee, one of Hayward Baker’s specialist personal injury lawyers, took on the claim. Gary wrote to the defendant’s insurers, stating that they were responsible for the accident.

The defendant’s insurers admitted liability, but stated that there was a certain percentage of negligence from our client as they had not been wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident, and due to this, our client’s injuries would have been less extreme if he had worn a seatbelt.

Gary continued to argue our client’s case, and provided him with advice and updates throughout the process.

Hayward Baker arranged numerous medical reports to prove our client’s injuries and to further provide him with rehabilitation. This would give him the best chance of recovering as soon as possible from the injuries received, which justified his losses.

Gary then arranged a medical appointment with an Accident & Emergency Consultant, a Plastic Surgeon, and a Maxillo-Facial Surgeon, who all formulated reports on our client.

The Valuation:

The reports from all of the medical experts are what Gary used to prove our client’s injuries and value his claim for personal injury compensation.

Hayward Baker negotiated our client’s settlement figure for damages (the compensation for his injuries) and a sum of money for his out of pocket expenses (Special damages). This consisted of his travel expenses to and from medical appointments, a loss of earnings, and a small amount for postage and telephone calls involved in the claim process.

The resolution:

After Hayward Baker’s on-going perseverance and commitment to this client’s case, the claim was finally settled for £23,000.


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Our client, a Van passenger, receives £23,000 compensation for facial injuries caused by road traffic collision
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