Passenger wrongly refused boarding by BA awarded compensation

Our Client was flying from San Francisco to London Heathrow and then onto Milan with both legs operated by British Airways.

The first flight was delayed by 32 minutes but our Client still made it in time to catch the next flight to Milan. On arrival however he was told that his boarding pass had been cancelled by the airline as they thought he would not make the flight. At trial DJ Stewart in Southampton County Court ordered BA to pay 300 euros in compensation.

Unfortunately this is a common occurrence in air travel. The airlines automated systems pull passengers off flights when they think they will not make their connecting flight. Quite often passengers will still make it to the gate in time for a whole host of reasons. Sometimes the flight that the airline thought was going to be delayed makes up time in the air. Or sometimes the connecting flight itself will get delayed allowing more time for passengers to get to the gate.

Hayward Baker has represented hundreds of passengers where this has been an issue and despite the European Court of Justice ruling that airlines must pay compensation when this happens (See Cachaferio and Anor v Iberia, C321/11) the airlines still refuse to make payment of statutory compensation under EU Regulation 261/2004 which was implemented to ensure a “high level of protection” for consumers.

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Passenger wrongly refused boarding by BA awarded compensation
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