Passengers awarded €600 each for overbooked Ethiopian Airlines flight

Ms X and her family were travelling with Ethiopian Airlines. Their first flight was delayed by 1 hour but they still had plenty of time to make their connecting flight. At the gate for their connection they were prevented from boarding. A further 5 other passengers were also not allowed to board the flight as the flight had been overbooked.

Ms X and her family sought compensation under an EU regulation, EC no. 261/2004, for 600 euros each. The airline denied that the passengers were denied boarding and insisted all the way to a final trial that they did board the flight. The passengers did not need to attend the hearing. Hayward Baker prepared a Witness Statement for the passenger which detailing what happened and the passengers even had proof of their overnight hotel stay and their boarding passes for the flight that they were rebooked onto as proof that they were not allowed to board their original flight. The Judge had no hesitation is believing the passengers with this overwhelming evidence and awarded them 600 euros each

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If your flight has been disrupted you have the potential to make a claim under the EU Regulation 261/2004 for compensation.  This could be upto €600 per person.  Contact Hayward Baker on 01329 227 983 or complete our On-Line Form today to discuss the potential for a claim.

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Passengers awarded €600 each for overbooked Ethiopian Airlines flight
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