PCSO injured when he is knocked off his bike in Nottingham by a car driver

Our client was called to the scene of a crime and as he was cycling along a road in Nottingham he was knocked off his bicycle when the defendant drove his car into him.

The defendant fled the scene but was later traced by the police.

As a result of being knocked off his bike our client suffered injury and loss.

Our Client’s Injuries:

Soft tissue injury to right knee and back.

What Hayward Baker did to help:

Ria Tallack one of our claims specialists took on the case on a No Win No Fee basis and made the claim to the defendant insurers via the low value personal injury insurers portal.

Having investigated the claim the insurers contacted Ria and stated that liability was admitted for the accident subject to medical evidence.

This mean’t that if a medical report stated that the injuries were caused by the accident then the insurers would pay our client compensation.

Ria obtained copies of our client’s medical records from her GP and the relevant records from the hospital he attended at the time of the accident.

Once the records were received Ria arranged for our client to be medically examined by a General Practitioner who would then formulate a report upon our client’s injures. It would be this report that would be used to prove our client’s injuries, value the claim and obtain a prognosis on our client’s injuries and see what treatment that may be required to aid her recovery.

On receiving the medical report Ria reviewed the document and then wrote to our client to check it thoroughly and if he was happy to sign and approve the attached form of authority or if he was not happy to contact Ria with his queries.

The expert did state in his report that our client should see an Orthopaedic Surgeon regarding his back injuries and obtain a further report from the new expert.

Our client had now undergone 9 sessions of physiotherapy to help resolve his back injury.

Shortly after our client was examined by the Orthopaedic Consultant the medical report arrived and this was reviewed and sent to our client for approval.

Both medical reports highlighted a claim for out of pocket expenses (Special Damages) and these were for the following:

  1. Travel expenses to and from medical appointments and physiotherapy
  2. Care and assistance from our client’s daughter with cleaning, washing, ironing and vacuuming
  3. Medical expenses (e.g. Physiotherapy and painkillers)
  4. Head bandages and heating pad
  5. Telephone calls and postage charges

Once our client had signed and approved both the medical reports and the special damages schedule Ria disclosed the claim to the defendant insurers asking that they make on offer in settlement of the claim.

Ria negotiated a fair settlement for our client in the sum of just over £3,000

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PCSO injured when he is knocked off his bike in Nottingham by a car driver
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