Pedestrian hit by car when crossing a road in St Neot's receives four figure compensation payout

Pedestrian hit by car when crossing a road in St Neot’s receives four figure compensation payout

pedestrian refugeA lady who was  injured when she was hit by a car when she tried to cross a dual carriageway receives a four figure compensation payout.

Accident Circumstances: Our client was crossing a road in St Neot’s and had just reached the central island. Our client observed the defendant driving towards her but was quite a distance off on the other side of a roundabout. Knowing she had ample time to cross the road she proceeded to cross the remainder of the carriageway. As she put her foot on the pavement she was hit by the defendant’s vehicle.

Our Client’s Injuries: Head,  neck and left ear injury.

What did Hayward Baker Solicitors do to help: One of our personal injury specialists Michelle Higgins who is a Solicitor took on the case on a no-win-no-fee basis and sent a letter of claim to the defendant, who initially denied liability but this was turned around by Michelle and the defendant stated there was still an argument fro contributory negligence (i.e. that our client was partly responsible for the accident) but still this changed to the defendant admitting full liability for the accident.

We claimed for our client’s out of pocket expenses known as Special Damages for travelling expenses to and from medical appointments and for  Care and assistance around the home at the rates based on the national Joint Council pay rates for local authorities at an aggregate of £9.24 per hour

Resolution: Claim settled for £5,400.00.


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