Pedestrian hit by car whilst using a Zebra Crossing in Bath

zebra crossingMr G was using the Zebra crossing at the junction with Western Road in Bath when a stationary vehicle that had stopped to let him cross was hit by a car from behind causing the stationary car to be shunted forward and collide with Mr G.

The emergency services were called and Mr G was taken to the Royal United Hospital for treatment to his injuries. The injuries were a laceration to his nose, severe contusion to the right hand plus a sprain, severe sprain to his lumbar spine,  severe contusion to his forearm with a sprain and a severe contusion to his thigh. In addition Mr G suffered nightmares which affected his sleep and other physiological conditions such as shock, deep depression and situational anxiety.

Although Mr G did not take a great deal of time off due to the pain caused by his injuries he did leave his shifts early on intermittent days but suffered no loss of earnings as a result.

Mr G instructed Hayward Baker Solicitors to deal with his claim for personal injury compensation. There were witnesses to the accident and clearly Mr G was not at fault so liability was not in dispute by the Defendant.

Hayward Baker arranged for Mr G to attend a medical appointment with a General Practitioner so that he could he examine Mr G and formulate a report upon his injuries. Hayward Baker would use this report to ascertain that the injuries were indeed caused by the accident, to identify whether Mr G required any specialist treatment and to value the claim for compensation and highlight any other losses he may have incurred as a result of the accident.

Having read the medical report Mr G’s solicitor at Hayward Baker identified that he would benefit from a course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for his anxiety and depression. This was arranged by Hayward baker at no cost to Mr G as the Defendant insurers would pay the bill as part of  Mr G’s rehabilitation. The medical expert recommended that Mr G attend a course of 8 to 10 sessions of CBT of which he attended 11 sessions.

The course of treatment was part of Mr G’s out of pocket expenses claim along with his travel expenses in relation to medical appointments, two weeks care and assistance at home where he required help with domestic duties and a small claim for pain killers.

Once Mr G had completed his course of therapy and was happy with the report written by the General Practitioner and the Psychologist who provided the CBT treatment Mr G’s solicitor at Hayward Baker disclosed the claim in full to the Defendant insurers asking that they make an offer in settlement of Mr G’s claim.

After some negotiation and a few offers being rejected either side the claim was eventually settled for just over £5600.00.








Pedestrian hit by car whilst using a Zebra Crossing in Bath

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