Pedestrian injured when car runs into her while she crossed a road in Kent receives over £30,000.00 in personal injury compensation

Miss R was crossing the road when a car turned off the main road into the same road she was crossing. The car driver should have been able to see Miss R clearly but still hit her on the left thigh as she was crossing the road and knocked her down onto to the pavement.

Miss R suffered the following  injuries as a result of the road traffic accident (RTA):

  • Laceration to forehead  (leaving a scar)
  • Loss of a tooth
  • Soft tissue injury to lower back
  • Injury to left thigh
  • Injury to right ankle
  • Injury to right shoulder
  • Anxiety

Treatment was required from a plastic surgeon, physiotherapist, dentist and psychologist.

In addition Miss R had  clothing and personal items damaged in the accident, expenses for medical treatment, costs of painkillers and other medical supplies

Miss R needed to recoup her losses so instructed Hayward Baker Personal Injury Solicitors to act for her in her claim for personal injury compensation claim.

The driver’s insurers admitted liability for the accident but on a split basis of 50/50. Miss B ‘s solicitor did not agree that it should be a split liability and wanted 100% liability on behalf of the driver. After a lengthy battle liability was eventually agreed at 100%.

Miss R required numerous treatments for her injuries and attended various medical appointments with independent medical experts so they could formulate a report upon her injuries. these reports will ultimately used to value Miss R’s General Damages (the amount of compensation she will get for her injuries).

Hayward Bakers specialist personal injury legal team fought hard to settle Miss B’s claim, which due to the nature of her injuries and treatments it took a long time before a full prognosis could given and  the case took over two years to settle.

When the case did eventually settle, which took a lot of negotiating on her solicitors part Miss B was awarded £30,000.00 in compensation.



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Pedestrian injured when car runs into her while she crossed a road in Kent receives over £30,000.00 in personal injury compensation
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