Pedestrian receives over £67000 in compensation after being struck by car that mounted the pavement

Our client was standing on a pavement when without warning the defendant drove his car onto the pavement  and collided with our client. As a result of the accident our client suffered serious personal injury.

Our Client’s Injuries

Our client suffered two broken bones in his right leg requiring surgery and the placement of a metal plate and pins.

What did Hayward Baker did to help?

We took on this case on a No Win No Fee basis and wrote a letter of claim to the defendant and his insurers blaming him for the accident.

It took a while to get a liability decision from the insurers so we gathered as much evidence as possible to prove our client’s claim.  As we had to assume liability was denied as we had not heard from the insurers with a liability decision we started to collate evidence such as  statements from those that witnessed he accident and a copy of the police report. Unfortunately there was a long  delay with the police report as the police would not disclose the details until the defendant had been to trial for grievous bodily harm.

To prove our client’s injuries we obtained copies of our client’s medical records from his GP and the hospital he attended for treatment as a result of the accident.

The medical records were then sent to a medical expert who would examine our client and formulate a report upon his injuries. It was the medical report that we used to value our client’s claim for damages and associated losses.


We negotiated a settlement figure of over £67000 for our client to include loss of earnings, travel expenses to and from medical appointments, care and assistance around the home, medical treatment.

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Pedestrian receives over £67000 in compensation after being struck by car that mounted the pavement
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