Pedestrian in Staffordshire injured when he was struck by a bus which mounted the pavement

Our client was stood with his partner on a pavement at a junction of two roads in Stafford when a bus came around the corner, mounted the pavement and collided with our client.

As a result of the collision our client suffered personal injury and loss.

The bus did not stop and continued with it’s journey.

Our client reported the incident to the police and the bus company and attended the local hospital’s Accident & Emergency Department for treatment.

Our Client’s Injuries:
Soft tissue injury to left arm, shoulder and left elbow. Suffered anxiety when in certain situations since the accident.

What did Hayward Baker do to help?

Ria Tallack one of our experienced claims handlers took on the case on a No Win No Fee basis. Ria reported the case to the Defendant insurers via the Personal Injury Claims on-line portal.

The insurers took longer than allowed to acknowledge the claim and asked for further time to investigate the incident with their Bus company client. Liability was eventually admitted which meant that should a medical report prove our client’s injuries then they will pay him compensation.

Ria arranged an appointment with a General Practitioner who examined our client and subsequently formulated a report upon his injuries. The report showed that the injuries were consistent with the accident and Ria sent a copy of the report to our client for approval along with a copy of his out of pocket expenses schedule which contained details of travelling expenses incurred due to the accident and a loss of earnings claim.

Once the report and schedule were approved by our client Ria valued the claim and advised our client by letter of what she thought the claim was worth and that if the client is happy and agrees Ria will send a copy of the medical report and schedule to the insurers and invite them to make an offer in settlement.

Ria received an offer from the defendant insurers to settle the claim for £1,000.00 which was rejected by our client after taking advice from Ria. Ria thein made a counter offer which was accepted by the insurers and our client’s claim was settled for the sum of £2,750.00

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Pedestrian in Staffordshire injured when he was struck by a bus which mounted the pavement
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