Pedestrian Struck by Motorbike on Pelican Crossing in London

Miss K was on her way to meet a friend and was crossing the street correctly using a Pelican Crossing, showing the green man symbol, when a paramedic motorbike came from the right on the wrong side of the road and collided with Miss K causing on the crossing her to fall to the ground and suffer personal injury. The injuries sustained were severe pain bruises to right thigh, moderate pain and bruising to left thigh,  left elbow and left shoulder. Pain to her neck and anxiety. Miss k had crutches to aid her in walking for three weeks and was signed off work for two weeks.

The police were in attendance at the scene of the accident and provided Hayward Baker Solicitors who were dealing with Miss K’s claim for compensation that confirmed that the accident had happened and that the paramedic bike was travelling to an incident with sirens wailing and blue lights flashing. The Paramedics insurers denied liability on the basis that the motorbike  was clearly showing it was en route to an incident by the displaying of lights and sound of the sirens and that Miss K should have heeded this warning and moved out of the way.


Hayward Baker continued to fight Miss K’s battle with the insurers and  maintained that the paramedic was at fault as although he was attending an emergency he still drove through a set of traffic lights which were red. The Defendants insurers would not back down so Hayward Baker prepared to go to Court and issued legal proceedings against the Defendant.

After numerous offers from the Defendants insurers pre-trial and that they still insisted that they were not fully liable for the accident the matter was finally settled out of court for £2500.00 in Miss K’s favour.

Pedestrian Struck by Motorbike on Pelican Crossing in London

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