Pedestrian suffers serious personal injury in a road traffic collision

Our client was correctly crossing a road when the defendant drove his vehicle at speed into a collision with our client.

Due to the negligence of the defendant in causing the road traffic collision our client suffered serious injury and a financial loss.

Our Client’s Injuries:

  • Minor bleed to brain.
  • Minor head injury.
  • Fracture to neck.
  • Fracture to spine.
  • Ligament injury to right knee.
  • Cuts and abrasions.

How Hayward Baker Personal Injury Specialist Solicitors helped:

This high value (Multi-Track) claim was taken on a NO Win No Fee basis and run by one our top solicitors due to the complexity of the case.

Liability was never agreed on this matter and until we got to the stage of having collated all our evidence and issued proceedings to take this matter to trial the defendant insurers remained distant.

Eventually, having served the legal proceedings on the defendant the insurers started to engage, and through a lot of hard work by our solicitor and team, we managed to reach an agreement with the other sides insurers and settle our client’s claim.


We managed to negotiate settlement for a client and obtained damages in the sum of £50,000.00

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Pedestrian suffers serious personal injury in a road traffic collision
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