Pole falls across the path of our clients vehicle on the A1 near Great Ponton causing an unavoidable collision

Our client was travelling Northbound on the A1 near Great Ponton when a vehicle in the opposing lane travelling South lost control and hit a post, the post fell across the other carriageway into the path of our client. Our client was unable to stop in time or swerve avoid the post and collided with it. As a result of the collision our client suffered personal injury and loss.

Our Client’s Injuries:
Whiplash injury to the neck.

What did Hayward Baker do t help?

Angela Answell one of our experienced personal injury claims handlers took on the case on a No Win No Fee Basis and stated the claim to the defendant insurers via the Low Value Personal Injury Claims Insurers on-line portal.

The insurers for the defendant admitted liability on the portal at the same time they acknowledged the claim.

This was a straightforward matter now of proving that the injuries were caused by the accident and if this is proved to be the case then the insurers were willing to pay our client compensation for her injuries.

Proof of our client’s injuries was achieved by arranging a medical appointment for our client with a medical expert in this matter a General Practitioner was sufficient.

Upon completion of the examination the medical expert formulated a report upon our client’s injuries and stated within this report that our client’s injuries were caused by the accident and gave a prognosis as to how long the injuries would take to resolve. The only out of pocket expenses suffered by our client was the cost of the travelling to and from medical appointments. The details of her our client’s  of pocket expenses were recorded on her special damages schedule highlighting any losses caused by the accident.

Angela wrote to our client enclosing a copy of the medical report and schedule of loss and asked her if she was happy with both documents to sign the approval forms and the form allowing her to settle the case now.

Our client agreed with the report and schedule and signed the approval documents and asked Angela to try and settle the claim now with the defendant insurers.


Angela settled the claim in full for £1,600.00

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Pole falls across the path of our clients vehicle on the A1 near Great Ponton causing an unavoidable collision
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