Our pregnant client is awarded over £80,000.00 in Personal Injury compensation after slipping on a puddle of water in a supermarket in London

Pregnant lady awarded compensation after a slip and trip accident in a Food Store

The Situation:

One of Hayward Baker’s clients recently visited a supermarket in Wimbledon whilst eight months pregnant. As she walked down a chilled food aisle, a puddle of water on the floor cause her to slip.

Instead of falling, our client twisted awkwardly, and as a result, fell into a splits position. She managed to stop herself from falling down by holding onto the side of the chilled food cabinet, but due to this slip, our client suffered from a personal injury.

The incident was reported to the store staff by our client and the spillage was cleaned up immediately. She then spoke to the store manager and completed the store accident book. 

 The Injuries:

Our client damaged her hip, which meant that a hip replacement was required.

Our client further suffered from two collapsed lumbar discs that also required urgent attention. 

How Hayward Baker Helped:

Hayward Baker’s expert personal injury solicitor Michelle Higgins decided to take on this case, which was agreed on a strict no win no fee basis.

Michelle sent a letter of claim to the defendant, who then admitted liability for the accident in their store subject to causation. This means that if a medical report shows the injuries were caused by the accident, the defendant insurers will pay the relevant compensation to our client.

Our client was then required to attain various medical reports, and Hayward Baker arranged for her to see a Rheumatologist, Psychiatrist and an Orthopaedic Consultant due to the extent of her injuries.

These reports proved that our client’s injuries were definitely caused by the supermarket accident.

The Valuation:

Michelle used the reports from the medical experts to value our client’s claim for her injuries received. Out of pocket expenses were also taken into account, which included: loss of earnings, travel expenses, home car and assistance, and any current and future medical expenses.

The Resolution:

A settlement figure could not be agreed, so Michelle instructed a barrister for their opinion. Michelle then went ahead and issued proceedings so that this matter could be settled by a Judge in court.


After hard negotiation, the claim was finally settled by the Judge, and our client rightfully received £83,905.00 in compensation for her injuries and out of pocket expenses.


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Our pregnant client is awarded over £80,000.00 in Personal Injury compensation after slipping on a puddle of water in a supermarket in London
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