Production Operative receives over £6,000 in compensation for injuries suffered due to employers negligence

finger injury claimOur client was working on a granulating machine. When the machine stopped working our client cleaned out the machine as trained by the defendant. Our client was cleaning the machine as per his training when his left wedding ring finger got caught between the pulley belt and the blade. As a result our client suffered an injury to his finger.

Our client informed us that there was a similar accident reported and precautions were taken to prevent a recurrence but these precautions had slipped. Immediately after our client’s accident there was an investigation and it was found there was no safe working instruction for the task but one would now be produced for new operatives. A guard was also fitted around the belts in the machine to prevent further accidents.

Our Client’s Injuries:

Deep laceration to tip of ring finger on the left hand and the finger is now numb and deformed.

How did Hayward Baker Solicitors  help? 

Susan Burden one of our specialist claims handlers took on the case on a No Win No Fee basis and stated the claim via the low value personal injury claims insurers portal.

Although the defendant insurers did not respond in the time frame given,  when they did acknowledge the claim they admitted liability subject to medical evidence. What Susan did next  was to obtain copies of our client’s medical records and on receipt arranged a medical appointment with an Accident and Emergency Consultant who would study our client’s medical records and then examine our client,  after which they would formulate a report upon our client’s injuries. It would be this report that would prove our client’s injuries and help Susan calculate the value of the claim.

Compensation Calculator Link

The report confirmed our client’s injuries were as a result of the accident and the report was sent to our client for approval. The medical expert recommended that our client undergo 4 sessions of physiotherapy and this was charged to the defendant insurers for payment. After physiotherapy treatment was complete the medical expert wished to re-examine our client to be able to give a final prognosis.

Once the physiotherapy was completed we re instructed the medical expert to examine our client and get a final prognosis on our client’s injury so we could value the claim for compensation. Once the second report was received Susan valued the claim and sent a copy of the report for approval with a covering letter setting out to our client what the claim was worth and are they happy to now sign the consent form so Susan can negotiate settlement with the defendant insurers.


Our client was happy to settle the case now and an offer was put forward to the insurers to settle which was accepted.  Susan settled the claim for £6015.00 to include the cost of our client’s physiotherapy treatment.


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