Retired lady injured on holiday when she fell over a step due to lack of outside lighting

dentist-office-2328874_640Our client was staying at a holiday property in Hampshire, when she was given the keys she was not warned about the lack of lighting on the pathway. There was a torch in the property for guests due to the lack of exterior lighting but she was not told about this when shown to the property or that there was no lighting along the path. It transpired that there was not a torch left in the property for guests to use.

At around 10:00 the same evening when it was dark our client walked her dog down the path and tripped on a concrete step that juts out into the path and fell forward hitting her face on the stone floor causing two of her front teeth to be knocked out, cracked side teeth and cuts to her lip and nose.

Hayward Baker took on this Occupiers Liability slip and trip claim on a No Win No Fee basis and although liability was denied by the Defendant Hayward Baker succeeded in obtaining our client compensation in the sum of £5,750.00.

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