Retired lady injured when she was thrown from her seat on a bus claims damages

Our elderly client was seated whilst travelling on a bus when the driver suddenly slammed his brakes on when without warning a car pulled out of a side road in front of the bus.

As a result of the hard braking our client was thrown out of her seat and two people fell on top of her. The defendant/third party drove off in his vehicle and was untraceable.

As a result of the fall our client suffered injury.

Our client’s injuries

Soft tissue injury to neck and both knees

What did Hayward Baker do to help?

As the defendant drove off and no details of their vehicles were taken we had to run the claim as an Motor Insurers Bureau untraced matter.  The MIB is a company set up by insurers to compensate victims of uninsured and  untraced vehicles. As our client had witnesses to the accident and had spoken to the driver of the bus we had a good chance of success with the MIB.

We did indeed succeed and our client won her case and our client’s claim was settled for £4,000

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