Retired lady receives over £26,000 in damages after tripping on defective pavement

Our client was walking along a pedestrian path in Guildford when she tripped and fell over a broken/cut bollard sticking out of the path .

Our Client’s Injuries

Post concussion syndrome, facial lacerations and swelling, dislodged tooth causing a lip laceration, abrasions and swelling to right knee and headaches.

What did Hayward Baker do to help

We took on the case on a No Win No Fee basis.

We identified the third party in this matter as being the local council as they owned the pavement in question.

We wrote to the council  blaming  them for the accident  because they failed to maintain the pavement in a reasonable state of repair, contrary to the duty imposed by section 41 of the Highways Act 1980. They failed to institute a proper system of inspection of the pavement and/or caused or allowed the pavement to be or become in a state of  dangerous disrepair. Furthermore they failed to warn pedestrians of the danger posed by the defect, and failed to take any reasonable care to see that pedestrians would be safe in using the pavement.

Liability was admitted so all we had to prove was that the injuries sustained were caused by the accident. We did this by obtaining a medical report upon our client’s injuries. The experts used on this case was an Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dental Expert and Psychiatrist  who examined our client before formulating their individual  reports.

We used the above named  experts reports to value our client’s compensation and associated losses.


We negotiated a settlement figure  for our client of just over £26,000.00 including medical expenses, damaged items and dental treatment.


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Retired lady receives over £26,000 in damages after tripping on defective pavement
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