Slip and trip accident due to a broken curb stone injures a pensioner in Bedford

Our client was crossing a road in Bedford when he tripped and fell due to a missing kerb stone. As a result of the fall he suffered injury and loss.

Our Client’s Injuries:

Soft tissue injuries to both knees and ligament damage.

What Hayward Baker did to help:

We took on this elderly gentleman’s claim on a No Win No Fee basis and stated the claim to the defendant via the online personal injury claims portal.

Liability was admitted by the defendant insurers but only on a 65% basis as they believed that some of the fault lay with our client as he crossed the road after crossing a grass verge but he could have continued on the tarmac path before crossing. In addition he crossed the road in daylight and it is reasonable to think he should have noticed the defect.

Prior to the liability decision we were in receipt of a medical report formulated by a Orthopaedic Consultant who examined our client. The experts  report proved our client’s injuries were caused by the material accident and we disclosed this to the defendant insurers asking that they make an offer in settlement of our client’s claim.

The offer made by the insurers was within the partial liability letter they sent to us.

We informed our client of the offer and advised him that we should make a higher counter offer on his behalf if he was happy.

Our client agreed to making a counter offer so once we had received his signed authority we made a counter offer which was rejected and replaced by a counter offer from the insurers which we then rejected, we then made another offer which this time was accepted by the defendant insurers.


Our client’s claim settled for just over £3,300.00

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Slip and trip accident due to a broken curb stone injures a pensioner in Bedford
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