Support worker from Stockport suffers injury when slipping on a spillage of cream in the aisle of a local supermarket

storeOur client was shopping in a local supermarket when she suddenly slipped and fell due to a spillage of cream on the floor of one of the aisles.

As a result of the fall our client sustained injury, loss and damage.

Our Client’s Injuries:
Soft tissue damage to her right knee.

How did Hayward Baker help?
One of our senior claims specialists Susan Burden took on the case on a no win no fee basis and the claim was made through the low value personal injury insurers portal.

Susan was pleased to report to our client that she had received a letter from the supermarkets insurers stating that having investigated her claim that liability was admitted for the accident and therefore have agreed to pay her compensation as long as we get a medical report that confirms our client’s injuries.

On obtaining our client’s medical records from her GP and the hospital she visited as a result of the accident Susan arranged a medical appointment with a General Practitioner.

This GP Consultant examined our client and wrote in his report that the injuries were caused as she had described. The medical expert had described the injury as a soft tissue injury to the right knee and recommended an opinion from an Orthopaedic Surgeon for further advice.

An appointment was made with the second expert and in his report he stated that the ongoing symptoms she has in her knee since the accident is more likely related to a previos knee replacement. However, the pain and suffering she had immediately post accident would have lasted for 3 months.

A third report was requested from a Psychologist regarding the depression she suffers post accident due to the pain. The consultant stated in his report that this was attributed to the injury caused by the accident.

Our client did not suffer any financial losses due to the accident.

Once our client had read and approved the medical reports and was happy for Susan to disclose them to the insurers the case was valued and negotiations upon settlement began.


Susan negotiated a settlement figure of £2,030.00 for our client’s pain and suffering.

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Support worker from Stockport suffers injury when slipping on a spillage of cream in the aisle of a local supermarket
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