Tanker driver suffers soft tissue injury due to a pothole and receives £5000.00 in compensation

potholeA tanker driver was collecting waste from a depot in Liverpool. When he had finished going over the weighbridge he got out of his vehicle to get his ticket from the office and as he did so his left foot went down into a pothole causing him to severely twist his  ankle.

The driver went to a local walk-in centre on the Monday following the accident as his ankle was still painful and swollen. Things got so bad that he eventually made two further visits for treatment one to his GP and the other to his local hospital.

Having had  two months off work due to the injury caused by the pothole the driver decided to take legal action and instructed Hayward Baker Solicitors to act for him in a claim for personal injury compensation and his loss of earnings.

Initially the Defendant’s insurers denied that the defect that caused the accident was dangerous. However Hayward Baker Solicitors having issued Court proceedings against the owner of the yard where the defect was situated and after some serious negotiation from Hayward Baker Solicitors the claim was finally settled in the drivers favour for £5000.00 which included his loss of earnings, a care and assistance claim, travel expenses and a course of physiotherapy.

The driver was happy with the outcome and that the defect was repaired.


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