Teenager injured in trampoline park receives compensation

Our client was visiting a trampoline park and  was participating in an activity which involved him jumping from a trampoline and somersaulting into a foam pit.  Our client did this on one occasion without incident however when he undertook the somersault on a second occasion he hit his head on something hard and  sharp within the foam pit and sustained an injury to his forehead and nose.

Our Client’s Injuries:

Large laceration to forehead and top of nose and both  required stitches.

How Hayward Baker helped:

We took on this claim on a No Win No Fee basis and corresponded with our client’s Litigation Friend throughout as our client was a minor.

Initially the Defendant denied liability for the accident on the basis our client undertook a double flip that was against the safety rules but agreed that the incident did  happen. However, on further investigation Hayward Baker identified that the Defendant was at fault as our client did ask to do a double somersault from the trampoline into the foam pit and was told this was OK.

Still the Defendants denied liability and Court Proceedings were issued  and the case was going to Court to let a judge decide on liability. Fortunately, the defendant solicitors saw sense and made a formal offer to settle our client’s case without a Court hearing.

To value our client’s claim we obtained medical reports upon our client’s injuries from a plastic surgeon and a psychiatrist. These reports not only helped us to identify the value of our clients damages (compensation for his injuries) but to also special damages (Our clients out of pocket expenses due to the accident).

The special damages included:

  • Travelling expenses to and from medical appointments
  • Damaged clothing
  • Small amount to cover postage and telephone calls


We settled our client’s claim for £15,000.00 to include damages and special damages


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Teenager injured in trampoline park receives compensation
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