Traffic Warden in Mansfield suffers whiplash when his car is hit from behind by a vehicle failing to stop

Our client was stationary in traffic indicating to turn right, when the defendant approaching from behind failed to stop and collides with the rear of our client’s vehicle.

As a result of the collision our client suffers personal injury and loss.

Our Client’s Injuries:

Soft tissue injury to neck and right shoulder.

What did Hayward Baker do to help?

One of our senior Solicitors Verity Taylor took on the claim on a No Win No Fee basis and made the claim via the low value insurers personal injury on-line portal.

The reasons why we blamed  the defendant  for the accident were as follows:

‘ You failed to observe or heed the presence of our client’s vehicle and did not drive, steer, brake or control your vehicle in such a way as to prevent the same colliding with the rear of our client’s stationary vehicle.  You failed to maintain any or any adequate or safe braking distance between your vehicle and our client’s vehicle. ‘

The defendant’s insurers acknowledged the claim but took longer than was allowed  to confirm their  decision on liability so the claim had to be pulled out of the claims portal. We explained what this mean’t to our client but the claim was to carry on.

Eventually the insurers confirmed that liability was admitted.

What we then did was to obtain copies of our client’s medical records and arrange for him to be medically examined by a General Practitioner. This medical expert having examined our client formulated a report upon his injuries. It was this report that we used to prove our client’s injuries, establish any out of pocket expenses our client incurred due to the accident and to value the claim for damages (Compensation for his injuries).

A schedule of Out of Pocket Expenses (Special Damages)was drafted which included such items as his loss of earnings and travel expenses to and from medical appointments.

Once our client had approved the medical report  and Special Damages Schedule he  signed and returned the same  along with a signed authority to settle his case.

After some skillful negotiation on Verity’s behalf our client’s claim was finally settled.


Verity settled the claim for just over £3,100.00

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Suffered from whiplash?

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Traffic Warden in Mansfield suffers whiplash when his car is hit from behind by a vehicle failing to stop
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