An uninsured driver collides on the motorway and injures our client who was their passenger


Our client was a passenger in her friend’s car. The friend was driving on a motorway and breaking the speed limit.

Without warning the driver then lost control of her vehicle and crashed, and as a result of this collision our client suffered from a personal injury.

The driver was not insured.

The Injuries: 

Our client fractured their right wrist and right finger due to the accident.

How Hayward Baker Helped:

One of our Personal Injury Specialists Angela Ansell made the claim through the Motor Insurers Bureau uninsured driver scheme.

As this case was an MIB matter, this meant that proceedings took much longer that a normal Road Traffic Accident passenger claim.

Angela didn’t have to prove that this accident happened as there was a police report, and soon after they investigated the claim the MIB admitted liability.

A medical report was then required to show that the injuries were as a result of the accident, so Angela arranged a medical appointment with an Orthopaedic Consultant.

This medical expert examined our client and formulated a report upon her injuries. It was this report that was used to prove our client’s injuries and aid Angela in valuing the claim correctly.


Once Angela had all of the medical evidence she required and full details of our client’s losses due to the accident, she then negotiated a fair settlement.

This included compensation for our client’s injuries and an amount for out of pocket expenses to include travel expenses and care and assistance.

The Resolution:

As a result, our client’s claim was successfully settled in full for £3,300.80.

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