Warehouse worker in Cheshire is injured after an accident at work

warehouseOur client was working in a warehouse and as she was bent down setting a box one of her colleagues walked by carrying over-stacked boxes and could not see where he was going and knocked into our client causing her to fall and hit her head on a metal bar and suffer injury.

Our Client’s Injuries:

Minor head injury causing headaches

What did Hayward Baker do to help?

Ria Tallack one of our experienced claims handlers took on the case on a No Win No Fee basis and ran the claim via the Personal Injury Insurers On-Line Portal.

The defendant insurers acknowledged the claim and soon after confirmed that liability would not be disputed.

Compensation Calculator Link

This mean’t that as long as a report from a medical expert proved our client’s injures then the insurers would pay our client compensation.

In this case we initially obtained a medical appointment with a General Practitioner who recommended that our client see a Neurologist regarding the headaches.

The final report gave Ria enough information within the expert’s prognosis to be able to value our client’s claim for confirmation and to identify a number of out of pocket expenses she could claim such as loss of earnings and prescription charges.

Ria then sent the report and a schedule of out of pocket expenses to our client to read and if she was happy sign the authorisations to disclose both documents to the defendants insurers. There was a separate document to sign if our client agreed with the valuation of her claim and to make an offer to the insurers for an agreed figure.

Once Ria had received the signed authorities she disclosed the claim in full to the insurers and made an offer in settlement of our client’s claim.


We settled our client’s claim for £2,866.00

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