Welder from Bristol claims for injuries caused by an accident at work

Our client who works as a welder was carrying out some welding work as part of his duties for his employer at a client’s site.
As our client was welding a brace on a metal walkway a piece of welding residue, known in the trade as slag, fell into the crease of his trouser leg and burnt through until it fell into his boot causing a burn to his left ankle.

Our Client’s injuries:

Full thickness burn to left ankle which left a permanent scar.

What Hayward Baker Solicitors did to help:

We took on this accident at work case on a No Win No Fee basis and stated the claim to the defendant insurers via the online personal injury insurers portal.

An acknowledgement was received from the insurers that they would investigate the matter and liability was admitted subject to medical evidence.

What we had to do now was prove the injuries were caused by the accident and the insurers would pay our client compensation. We achieved this by obtaining a medical report from a medical expert which in this case it was a Plastic Surgeon. Having examined our client the expert stated in his report that the injuries were caused by the material accident. The expert also confirmed a list of out of pocket expenses for which our client could claim for.


The out of pocket expenses, what we know as Special Damages amounted to the following:

  • Numerous travel expenses to and from medical appointments
  • 3 weeks loss of earnings while our client was off work recovering from his injury
  • Medical prescription charges

Once our client was satisfied that the medical report and he agreed that his  special damages schedule was accurate, we asked for him to sign an authority to that effect so we could release the documents to the defendant insurers and ask them to make an offer to settle our client’s claim.

Before disclosing the claim to the insurers we valued our client’s claim and wrote to him breaking down how the sum was calculated and asked him to sign the authority for us to negotiate a settlement figure if he was happy we had covered everything.


Our client returned the authority for us to settle his claim and after some negotiation with the other sides insurers the claim settled for £4,300.00

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Welder from Bristol claims for injuries caused by an accident at work
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