Woman crushed in car wash receives injury compensation

Our client was using a hand car wash in a supermarket when the Defendant upon entering the car wash failed to brake  and crushed our client between his vehicle and our client’s stationary vehicle. As a result our client suffered injury and loss.

Our Client’s Injuries:

Injury to right leg and knee.

How Hayward baker helped:

We took on this claim on  No Win No Fee basis and ran the claim through the low value insurers portal. A decision on liability was received very early on in the claim and fortunately the Defendant insurers admitted liability for the accident.

It was important  to get our client injuries dealt with to limit her suffering and mitigate her losses.  We instructed two medical experts a General Practitioner and an Orthopaedic Consultant to examine our client so they could formulate a report upon her injuries. These reports were to help prove our client’s injuries and to aid in valuing our client’s claim for compensation.

In addition to compensation for our client’s injuries we created a schedule of special damages which is basically any out of pocket expenses our client incurred as a result of the accident. The special damages we claimed for were:

  • Travel expenses
  • Care and assistance around the home
  • Damaged clothing

Once our client was satisfied with the medical expert’s prognosis she gave us permission to negotiate the settlement of her claim.


We settled our clients claim for just over £5,000.00







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Woman crushed in car wash receives injury compensation
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