Woman from Denmead village Hampshire in Road traffic Accident caused by a car driver failing to give way

Miss B was driving along a country lane in Hampshire when another vehicle failed to give way and pulled out of a side junction into the side of her car.

As a result of the RTA Miss B suffered personal injury.  She had bruising to her stomach torso and face, a cut tongue, a cracked rib, injury to right knee and a cut left foot. Miss B was taken to the local hospital on a spinal board by ambulance and the police were attended the scene.

Miss B had to hire a car  as hers was written off by her insurers, she required physiotherapy for her knee and neck injuries and had a swollen tongue for two weeks which made eating difficult.

Miss B had difficulty lifting and walking her dog while she recovered so relied on her family and friends to undertake these tasks for her.

The claim for compensation was dealt with by Hayward Baker Solicitors who pursued Miss B’s claim for compensation and losses through the Road Traffic Accident insurers portal.

The driver of the car that pulled out into Miss B admitted liability in full for the accident and their insurers paid just over £7000.00 in compensation to Miss B excluding the payment she was given for her damaged vehicle.




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