Woman visits beauty consultant and suffers burns to her face

Our client went to see a beauty consultant in Fenwick and  mentioned to the consultant that she had  a frequent breakout of spots on her chin. The consultant recommended that our client use a particular cleansing gel. It was advised that the cream could be applied to the spots and left overnight. However our client woke up in the morning  with product burns to her skin causing a scar.

Our Client’s Injuries:

Burn to her skin resulting scarring.

What Hayward Baker did to help:

We took on our client’s claim on a No Win No Fee Basis and stated the claim to the defendant insurers via the personal injury insurers on-line portal.

The insurers did not respond but the  solicitors they instructed did and were to act on the beauty parlours behalf in this matter.

After acknowledging the claim the defendant solicitors asked for photos of our client’s injury and copies of medical records showing that she sought treatment for the burns to her chin.

We wanted to obtain medical evidence from an appropriate expert to see whether the scar was permanent and what treatment would be required but the defendant solicitors argued that anything like a plastic surgeon would not be an appropriate choice in this matter and would also be too expensive. The solicitors wanted to make a pre medical offer to our client which mean’t no medical examination or report would be required.

Liability was not clear at this point and there was a decent offer on the table from the other side which our client  could risk losing if we continued as we were.

It was our client’s choice to continue or take the offer given now or carry and risk losing the case and getting nothing at all. Our client would then  be left with the costs of paying the medical experts report fees.

Our client decided to accept the insurers offer having taken advice from one of our personal injury specialist solicitors.


This case settled for £4,000.00 without obtaining a medical experts report. Liability remained undecided.

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Woman visits beauty consultant and suffers burns to her face
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