Increased speeding fines as from Monday 24th April 2017

Please think twice before speeding!

A new fining system will be put in place as of Monday 24th April 2017.

How much will you pay after the changes if you are caught speeding?

The cap for fines remains at £2,500 but the changes mean that offenders could be charged up to 175% of their weekly income if caught speeding.

The minimum fine of £100 remains as does the 3 points on your licence.

You will get a 150% fine for the following increase it speed limits

  • 20 mph zone – Driver going 41 mph and above
  • 30 mph zone – Driver going 51 mph and above
  • 40 mph zone – Driver going 66 mph and above
  • 50 mph zone – Driver going 76 mph or above
  • 60 mph zone – Driver going 76 mph or above
  • 70 mph zone – Driver going 101 mph and above

What are the fines?
The new fines are spread across 3 bands – A, B and C which reflect the seriousness of the speeding offence.
Drivers caught going up to 10 mph over the speed limit are band A, for over B over 11-21 mph over the limit.

Band Speed over limit Fine
A 1-10 mph 25-75% of weekly wage
B 11-21 mph 75-125 % of weekly wage
C 21 mph and over 125-175 % weekly wage

That makes band C the most serious and offenders could face fines of between 125% and 175% of their weekly wage with the richest motorists given fines close to £2,500. Band C drivers could get banned for driving up to 56 days or get 6 points on their licence.

Band B offenders face fines between 75% and 125 % of their wages, with band A given fines of 25% to 75% of their weekly wage.

Why have speeding fines gone up?

This is because Green Flag warned that the number of speeding offences grew to 44% in the last 5 years.

Can I still avoid a speeding fine?

Yes, first time offenders can avoid the increased fines if they take a speed awareness course.

Initial fines could be adjusted by the court’s discretion based on the conditions of the offence.

Some variables such as weather conditions, timing of the offence and population density of the area could affect the total amount an offender is fined.

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Increased speeding fines as from Monday 24th April 2017
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