Student hit by motorcycle whilst she was using a zebra crossing claims for damages

Our client was crossing a zebra crossing in Exeter when the defendant riding a motorcycle failed to stop and drove straight into our client causing her injury and loss. The emergency services were called and our client was taken to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.

Our Client’s Injuries:

Fractured elbow and injury to hip and thumb.

How we helped:

We signed up our client on a No Win No Fee basis and because the Defendant was uninsured  we had to refer this matter to the MIB (motor Insurers Bureau). The MIB was established in 1946 to compensate the victims of negligent uninsured and untraced motorists. One aspect of the MIB  is to Compensate victims of uninsured and untraced drivers fairly and promptly. The defendant in this matter was therefore the MIB.

The MIB initially denied liability,  having spoken to the defendant he stated that our client ran out in front of him and he swerved to miss but ran into our client.

We had witnesses to the accident that were in favour of our client’s events so we continued with our client’s claim and gathered medical evidence to prove our client’s injuries and witness statements to prove our client’s version of events.

The MIB would not back down so we issued court proceedings so we could let a Judge decide in court who was to blame for the accident.

Prior to going to Court the MIB’s solicitors reversed their decision on liability and the matter was settled out of court.


The claim was settled for  £2,500

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Student hit by motorcycle whilst she was using a zebra crossing claims for damages
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